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Sunday Driver - Remixes
CD Album

Sunday Driver


Milky Bomb Records

Released: 9th March 2015 | 6 track dubstep ep

Sunday Driver and Milky Bomb Records are proud to present their first collaborative release - a collection of remixes based around Sunday Driver's 2012 album 'The Mutiny' and their 2014 EP release 'Flo'.

In keeping with the band and the label's eclectic history, this new six track release is varied, bold and beautiful. Opening with heavenly sounds from Keenya aka: Ricky Fabulous - Belleruche's wild haired guitar/bass man who's been making waves on the electronic music scene with his debut album 'Gone Home' (Hush Hush Records, Seattle). 'Ricky Fabulous has created beauty, expression and warmth within an experimental and ambient frame' 8.6 Backseat Mafia.

The EP also introduces NervraK - original producer of The Mutiny; NervraK has created a glitch tribute to a classic Dubstep sound with his reworking of the band's track 'Daniel's Grave'.

Nothing is known about the producer named UVAVU, there's no Facebook page, no Twitter feed, and this is his debut! UVAVU's remix of the bands heaviest track 'Myself': adding layers of synths, distortion and a witty reworking of the songs original arrangement... it is a masterful re-telling of their classic song. Not only this, but UVAVU lends his smashing remix-hand to the final track 'Glass House Riot'.

Artist Mima Kojima, already on the Milky Bomb roster ('admirably snotty... 7/10' Right Where You Are Sitting Now) has adapted the track 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram'. A track that is full of drones and Indian chants (also released on World Music Network's 'A Rough Guide to Psychedelic India') and created a 9-minute epic full of space, noise and darkness. Be prepared and listen with caution!

"a band to watch, without question'"
The Sunday Times
"Playful, beguiling and wildly inventive'"
Ben Eshmade, Arctic Circle