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Let's Talk Daggers - A Beautiful Life

Let's Talk Daggers

A Beautiful Life

Milky Bomb Records

Released: 23rd October 2015 | 12 track alt metal album

Let's Talk Daggers:

William Gunson (Vocals/ Guitar), Jamie Francis (Bass/ Vocals), Steven Berwick (Drums/ Percussion).


Eastbourne's three-piece thunderstorm Let's Talk Daggers release their Martin Ruffin recorded and produced debut album, A Beautiful Life, through Tangled Talk Records (physical) and Milky Bomb Records (digital) on October 23rd.

Our new album is like nothing we've done before, in the sense that it's a full-length record that still successfully captures our essence and humour. It's a more mature blend of all our favourite sounds and like our previous releases, it's hard to categorise. But it's definitely something refreshing that we are confident about. Listening to 'A Beautiful Life' is like not knowing what planet you came from that morning. Will Gunson

LTD's musical ability has never been in question, yet where some technically overt bands stumble by prioritising showmanship and virtuoso displays over solid song writing, A Beautiful Life plays host to a dozen exquisite and well formed tracks.

The album pays tribute to the band's history and its bright future, with their familiar sporadic time signatures, blast beats, horn blasts, infectious hooks, and a resounding passion for the insanely catchy all a testament to this.

It was these traits that turned heads on the band's previous release, the mini-album 'Fantastic Contraption' and resulted in rave reviews from Kerrang!, Terrorizer, Rock Sound, Big Cheese and an impressive list of online publications. They also received radio plays on the Radio 1 Rock Show, XFM Rock Show, Kerrang! Radio and BBC6 Music.

Arguably the greatest success has been managing to bottle the explosive kinetic energy of their revered live experience, which has been witnessed during extensive touring across the UK alongside Heck, Letlive, Hawk Eyes, Lower Than Atlantis and Palm Reader.

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Radio: X Radio (XFM), Kerrang! Radio (Freshblood), Team Rock Radio and Radio 1 Rock Show (Daniel P Carter).

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"A band that sound like you smashed up a glass and put it in a sandwich and taken a bite"
Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio
"As a musical and artistic achievement, A Beautiful Life hits the bullseye. It’s a near-relentless thrill ride through three manically creative minds..."
"...incredibly well-written that it has enough variety to both interest the avid fan and hook a plethora of brand new listeners."
Oliver Pawsey, The Mixed Tape