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Ragweed - Silver Spoon


Silver Spoon

Milky Bomb Records

Released: 16th June 2017 | 3 track grunge-pop single

After 8 self booked tours the band released their debut AA single Rust Box on Milky Bomb Records in November 2016, receiving mutual parse from radio stations and blogs alike. Their second single Silver Spoon sees the trio exploring a much darker, sleazy and dirty corner of their minds, even more so when you see what they've cooked up for the video - starring burlesque sensation Coco Deville.

Their sound defiantly caught Alan Douches of West Side Music's attention over in New York, most famous for his work with Motorhead, Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die and Screaming Females. With his mastering of the band's second single, Ragweed have never sounded more powerful!

What you may of heard before from the Punk-riff/Noise-pop trio - Ragweed, now mix a healthy dose of heavy riffs, beats and breaks; whilst adding rock grooves with a healthy watering of pop hooks. All this sprouting from the fertile soil of Brighton, and not forgetting, Silver Spoon has 2 followers... 3 tracks in total!

From Rust Box - love this bands devil-may-care-couldn't-give-a-damn attitude - which just gushes in torrents from my speakers! - Way Out Radio

"....full on in your face vocals... Brighton, what can be cooler"
Forgotten Bee, Dr. Bones, Canada
"Silver Spoon is heading to becoming one of the most essential adventures within the UK rock scene."
Pete RingMaster, RingMasterReview
"Do not miss this great EP, we keep it in our favorites."
Zone Nights, Argentina
"Ragweed give us a fierce 3 track powerhouse of savage pummelling punk rock."
Indie Buddie