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Aerosol - Airborne
CD Album
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Released: 4th June 2012 | 9 track leftfield/idm album

Airborne is the 2nd album from Rasmus Rasmussen's Aerosol project. Starting out as a member of the post-rock band Limp (Morr Music) with band mates Jonas Munk (manual), Jakob Skøtt (syntaks) and Jess Kahr, Rasmussen helped incubate a certain sound that the of the four have nurtured in each of their solo endeavors. Rasmussen's take on the sun drenched post-shoegaze of the post-limp collective has a more defined sense of psychedelia and openness than his mates. This heightened sense of consciousness-expansion is all without ever being contrived, heavy handed or excessive. There is a self-awareness to Airborne that can be heard in spades on the aptly titled swirly slow-burn of Psychedelic Coffee Buzz. A song written about a tour around Morocco, were we are very sure that sleep deprivation, sunrises and of course coffee play key roles in its expanses. Tracks like the bookend pieces of Midnight Ride Down the Mental Freeway and Softly Slipping are blissed-out electronic shoegaze featuring sure-stepped percussion, chiming guitars, synth-lines seemingly made of aether and steadfast acoustic guitar lines. This is personal listening at its best. Every song is a landscape and every one of those hazy landscapes has a story. You'll just need to get Airborne for the anecdote.