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Ruxpin - This Time We Go Together


This Time We Go Together


Released: 8th July 2013 | 16 track ambient album

n5MD is very proud to announce This Time We Go Together the 8th album from Icelandic electronic stalwart Ruxpin. This album is the follow-up to 2010's Where Do We Go From Here? and those keeping track it's remix companion I Wonder If This Is The Place. Although Jonas Thor Gudmundsson (a.k.a Ruxpin) seemed to take a bit of time out to work with fellow Icelander Fannar Asgrimsson to work on the recently released Asonat album and EPs This Time We Go Together is straight on the heels of the Forever We Ran EP by the aforementioned duo. This leads us to believe he's been working on this album all along as no one could make an album this good in such a short time. This new album finds Gudmundsson adding a few more vocals to his signature brand of manipulated melodic electronica. This gives the album an even greater humanistic backbone that was only moderately displayed on previous outings. A wonderful album of 16 electronic vignettes to get you there... wherever that may be.