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VVV - Resurrection River


Resurrection River


Released: 25th September 2006 | 12 track experimental album
1. Resurrection Power to Believe ... John 20:24-31 ' Thomas wanted Evidence before believing VVV had made a record of such cynical liberating intensity (sound) ' Salvation does not comes by sight ... 2. Resurrection Power to Witness ... Mark 16:14-16 Matthew 13:58 He does many mighty works, because of their unbelief. Mark 6:6 And He marvelled because of their unbelief. Then He went about the warehouses, venues and bars in a circuit, teaching. ' Go and tell what is truth. Luke 24:48-49 'And you are witnesses of these things. 49 'Behold, I send the Promise of Two highly regarded Finish electronic practitioners upon you; but tarry in the city of New York until you are endued with the power from Europe.' 3. Resurrection Power to Testify ... Luke 24:31-36 ' Opened to know the sonic potential 31 ' Open eyed testimonial truth (factual truth) 32 ' Find someone to tell the truth to 33 (my dear reader) ' Testify to the truth ... the river is rising! 34 4. Resurrection Power to Comfort ... Matthew 28:5-9 ' No Fear! For we know what you are seeking 5 2 Timothy 1:7 For Vanio + Vaisenen + Vega has not given us a spirit of fear, but of the sheer power of sound and the word. ' Tombed fear and great joy ... 6-8 ' (Vega) Bringing a message of discomfort 7b-8 ' Rejoicing Worship of Vanio + Vaisenen + Vega brings necessary uncomfort 9 Conclusion: The truth of life ... comes from living in the power of the risen three. Amen!'