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Haraket - Ílk
12" Vinyl
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Released: 20th January 2014 | 4 track shoegazer ep

Peckham 5-piece Haraket return to Melodica Recordings with the eagerly awaited follow up to their debut EP from earlier this year. 4-tracker 'Ílk' flows seamlessly from the early promise of 'Taint/Attgo', preserving wall-of-sound dynamics with delicate source material, moody electronics, live / programmed beats and effected vocal lines.

The band emerged from the creative chaos of school and college bands in and around Peckham that have already given the world King Krule. Back in March, their début record garnered support from the likes of Zane Lowe (BBC Radio 1), Tom Ravenscroft, Gideon Goe (BBC 6 Music) and John Kennedy (XFM).

Following a short intro of field recordings and subtle tonal materials (Ílk), the EP dives into 'Level Head', a track rich with high-drama, contrast, cacophonous builds and harmonious respite. Anyone that has seen the band live recently will be able to vouch for this track's ability to induce an electric atmosphere. It's a phenomenal experience.

This is followed by 'Moment Of Calm', a track of smokey speak-easy atmospherics, splashy drums and slinky vocals. As the track develops the mood switches to something far more cathartic, with bold walls of guitars and pounding bass.

Closing track 'Sea Grid' opens with an ominous ambience before plaintive chords and wood block rhythms begin, rolling in the smog. This eventually lifts away to reveal a beautiful structure of chord, vocal and drum, interplaying harmonies and the pitter-patter of percussion. A lovely close to an impressive follow up.

Ílk will be available on limited 12 from November, with full artwork by Mister Gone.