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Deekie - Solitaire
Vinyl LP
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Released: 23rd March 2015 | 10 track downtempo album

Melodica Recordings is dropping long awaited Deekie's second album 'Solitaire'.

The nature of Melodica is perfectly explained by the very first sentence of its manifesto: The radio show that turned into a record label. Born from the mind of radio DJ Chris Coco, the label has been releasing an incredibly heterogeneous mix of music since its start, recreating the same atmospheres included in the radio show. You can then find between the imprint's releases different genres, from experimental and electronica, to slo-mo disco and house music. We present London-based band Deekie's second album 'Solitaire', a collection of 10 ethereal and insightful tracks.

Deekie are Mr. L and Neets, both musicians and singers, with 2 very distinctive imprints in each of their music making: Mr. L with his voice creates deep and melancholic feelings toward the album, while Neets adds a more dreamy and delightful touch.

The LP crosses different genres, from ambient to leftfield but it reveals the song-writing soul of the duo: from the experimental opening title track 'Solitaire', that mixes a slow relentless beat with hypnotic synth-lines and Neets delayed vocalizations, to the purely ambient 'Radiate' in which dark and profound noises are merged with reverberated drums and percussions, until the almost post-dubstep Come On Home, the right closing track, as for its unending vibe, leads into the band future projects, reminding of some of The XX early music.