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ZubZub - The Powers That Beep


The Powers That Beep


Released: 1st August 2011 | 10 track psytrance album
ZUBZUB is the creation of long-time Ozric Tentacles bass player, Zia Geelani. After more than ten years (1991-2002) of widespread touring, writing, recording and producing with the Ozrics, Zia now concentrates full-time on crafting distinctive dance tunes, where the emphasis is on infectious grooves and strong production. ZUBZUB are; ZIA GEELANI(ex-Ozrics): Writing, production, synths MINDFLUX: Co-writing and production, synths, percussion JON “CHAMPIGNON†EGAN (ex-Ozrics): flute, ney, duduk, zorna ALEX PYM: electric guitar 2008 sees ZUBZUB return with their third-album “The Powers That Beepâ€, presented by to Techno-legends Eat Static’s label, Mesmobeat. The ZUBZUB sound incorporates an epic musical feel, fused with cleverly-programmed, deliciously-groovy dance rhythms and seamlessly blending an eclectic variety of styles and genres; Psytrance, drum and bass, strong techno, break-beats and dub are all covered and lavished with a psychedelic lushness. Also in the mix is a distinct taste for ethnic instruments and influence. This album finds the group moving up a gear, both in terms of covering a breadth of new musical ground and being a more focused dancefloor-filler than the previous 2 outings. The new album is also a more band-oriented production, with the current line-up having gelled over the last two-years, through extensive performance on the live circuit †performances that have drawn rave reviews and a solid and cosmopolitan fanbase. “The Powers That Beep†is finding a wide-audience, as it twists and turns its way through a myriad electronica and dance styles, but with the continuity of the distinctive ZUBZUB vibe and sound weaving it together in to a cohesive whole. The new material has also passed the “acid-testâ€, having been previewed to audiences at a few, recent, exclusive gigs †the responses from people in attendance were extremely positive, as could be witnessed by the heaving dancefloors bouncing happily along and cemented by enthusiastic comments after the shows.