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The Black Jesus Experience - Arada
12" Vinyl
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The Black Jesus Experience


Mighty Highness

Released: 11th April 2011 | 3 track africa single
Mighty Highness are proud to present a limited 12inch from the Black Jesus Experience, a 9 piece Ethio jazz dub hip hop crew from Melbourne, Australia. Every sunday you'll find them playing a set in the Horn, a local Ethiopian restaurant where Enushu their singer, cooks up authentic fare. The music is much the same... & yet the outstanding quality of their musicianship & the diversity of backgrounds has opened up some inspirational music. These guys really are an incredible band, having toured Ethiopia & Europe last year & just completed a nationwide tour of Australia with Mulatu, they are on fire. This record represents a distilled drop of BJX & theres so much more to come. With another tour planned this year you may be able to catch them on the Northside..& we mean of the planet! If your from Melbourne you'll know this is a bit of wordplay as Northside of the city is the district where BJX are centred. ARADA is about Smith St, Collingwood but Enushu is singing a traditional Ethiopian song and then draws parallels with the streets of Addis Abbaba. Cassawarrior hailing from Aotearoa, produced all 3 tracks on the record & also chimes in a reference on Arada to the city life, with the vocal 'where the streets are alive and the poor people cry, you'll be finding me too'. BRAVE NEW WORLD is pure fire pon Rome. A strong comment on the engineered Babylon we and many others live in and about the oligarchy who are trying to steer us toward the wolf pack. Features a heavy Anchehoye (Ethiopian scale) bassline over 4/4, which normally would be over a 6 groove. Horns are on deep on the other side.