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Ben Butler & Mousepad - Gif N Run EP
12" Vinyl
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Ben Butler & Mousepad

Gif N Run EP

musique large

Released: 12th September 2011 | 7 track electro-funk album
Ben Butler & Mousepad is Joe Howe (Gay Against You, Germlin, Joemus), executed with friend and co-conspirator Bastian Hagedorn (GTUK), a project originally signed on LOAF Recordings. Musique Large is glad to welcome them for the release of the Gif N Run EP. Taking as much inspiration from Progressive Rock's excesses as from the clean, crisp whoomp of the Scandinavian club scene, BB&MP is an electronic mess, reigned in quickly by a persistent pummelling beat or lightning-fast arpeggio. When things slow down, there is room for more consideration - analog wobble and warmth, weird chords and byzantine structures, all shot through with enthusiasm and clumsy energy. This ep will definitely find its place between Mr Oizo's, Daedelus's and Débruit's records. Three remixes complete the EP : Shigeto (Ghostly International) provides an aerial remix of Mag Mag, Brokenchord (Black Acre) re-works the sound layers of Cheer in a cold-beat way, and Mesak (Harmönia) brings some skwee madness to Dmore II. Like his previous projects, Gif N Run is an unpredictable, fun and musically dense release of Ben Butler & Mousepad. Few words by Ben Butler : I just finished working on music for an opera in Berlin, so this is a break for me - about the most different thing i could possibly do! I'm glad Musique Large adopted these tracks, I've had difficulty finding them a home - Too fast to be skweee, too weird to be house…Play to switch off your brain and engage your feet!!