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Fulgeance - Cubes
Vinyl LP



musique large

Released: 14th October 2013 | 11 track leftfield/idm album

Following three EPs for Musique Large and two albums for Melting Pot Music and rx:tx, Fulgeance returns to his label and home with Cubes, an album that is intense but also more personal, bred on funk, electronica and the combination of bass and beats that remains the Frenchman's most memorable signature.

The album follows the EP triology of Chico, Low Club and Glamoure, each of which was received with interest and positive feedback from not only the press but also the public.

Different thanks to its analogue textures, tempo changes and a real desire to surprise, Cubes is, in the words of its maker, the coming together of a variety of influences at at time where too many things sound the same.

The nostalgia of Neverending and the back to basics of Stupido open proceedings, followed by the flurry of He Knows and Velcro designed to take the listener into the universe of the man once nicknamed The Little Prince of the Beat with broken rhythms that still manage to make bodies move. You may find your head nod on Sheeeeiit and Down, enough to make your neck hurt even. You may find yourself excited by Chocolat Orange before enjoying the lyrical volleys of Whisper and the flow of DistantStarr on The Fan. Nightwalker will take you into a hot and smoky night before Comptine brings things to an end.

This isn't just an album of beat music. It's purposefully open, as Fulgeance has always wanted, to touch a larger audience, fans of electronic music but also fans of dance music.

So don't be shy, put together the Cubes to give them a colour, a living texture that will touch, tickle and seduce you.