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Laurent Garnier - A13
12" Vinyl
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Laurent Garnier


musique large

Released: 31st March 2014 | 8 track electro house ep

Laurent Garnier is a legend. In 2014 he returns to production with a new project dedicated to his neverending quest for new sounds and styles. Five labels, five releases, five styles, all Garnier.

The second release in this new project is the A13 EP, released by Musique Large. Garnier has been a long-standing fan of the label and its music, and here he delivers four devastating instrumental cuts that show he can throw down with the best of the new blood, beat for beat.

This is an unusual release for the French techno pioneer, a timeless take on electronic hip hop beats. The game is up kids, make space for a true master.

A13 comes backed with four remixes straight from the Musique Large family & Garnier: Baron Retif & Conception Perez, label boss hits two times as Fulgeance and his new project Claude (with Darius Broobecker) plus french house wizzard S3A.

"Garnier sent me his forthcoming EPS, and this one on Musique Large is definitely my favorite !"
Busy P, Ed Banger