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Cessa - Fade
12" Vinyl
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Missing Link Records

Released: 3rd May 2010 | 2 track dubstep single
Hot on the heels of their first release for the Missing Link Sounds imprint, Cessa return with another Killer two-tracker. Blending diverse styles from dubstep to techno, and ambient to house, the Cessa sound seems to fit as well on the dancefloor as it does in your headphones. So it's no surprise that they have already gained support from a variety of Djs worldwide, including airplay on Radio shows by the likes of Mary Anne Hobbes, Laurent Garnier, and Michael Rutten, and influential Radio Stations such as Pulse Radio and KCRW out of Los Angeles. On the A side, Fade is a is a fully fledged Dubstep song, and so it is something of a rarity. Already descibed as a Dubstep blues, it harnesses some of that raw power, while still keeping the bassheads happy with some tight production which again shows Cessa's own blend of sounds and textures. The B side, Question, is more familiar dancefloor territory, but with the added twist of a heavy Jazz break reminiscent of the big drum sound Cessa created for Liquidate on their first 12