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Various Artists - Cappuccino De Noche Vol. 5
CD Album
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Various Artists

Cappuccino De Noche Vol. 5


Released: 4th April 2011 | 11 track house album
This, the 5th edition of Cappucino Grand Cafe Lounge, journeys into the realm of the night. These are sophisticated and elegant nights filled with dancing, seducing the body. They are fun and glamorous nights, and most importantly, they are nights made for enjoying the music. The selection and the mix is done by none other than Pepe Link, who has proven time and again that he knows how to cover all of the musical needs of the Cappuccino Group. He is the one responsible for providing the soundtrack to a sumptuous breakfast under the Mediterranean sun, as well as for heating up the delicious nights at Cappuccino. For this new release, the Spanish DJ has left behind the Latin and Bossa feel that dominated previous editions in favor of nocturnal rhythms, an eighties feel, Balearic beats, and silky neo-disco house. Emerging names like Zwicker and Woolfy are mixed with classic remixes of tracks by the likes of Lighthouse Family and Imagination, as well as the grand masters of the most select club music like Dennis Ferrer, Idjut Boys, and Lindstrom. This compilation series is definitely a luxury for the most discerning ears. The Cappuccino Group is a company geared towards excellence. Its exquisite business concept has been winning the hearts of the public for over 20 years, and they are now working on expanding to the Middle East, all the way to India and North Africa. The idea is to spread their philosophy and bring the concept of the calm and glamorous life of the Mediterranean island to their clients. As Juan Picornell, the founder of Cappuccino, says, Cappuccino isn't a restaurant or coffee shop, it's a Cappuccino.