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Various Artists - Cappuccino Grand Cafe Lounge 7
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Various Artists

Cappuccino Grand Cafe Lounge 7


Released: 2nd December 2013 | 15 track downtempo album

We are thrilled to unveil the new volume of the Cappuccino series. The seventh compilation created by legendary Balearic DJ Pepe Link continues where the last one left off, bringing together laid-back, acoustic gems from around the world for your listening pleasure. Well-known artists like Norah Jones and Sia share the stage with up-and-coming singers like Sara Lov and Zee Avi. The good vibes are brought to us from all corners of the planet, from the distinctly Australian sound of Mark Sholtez to bossa nova and Latin sunshine, courtesy of Marta Topferova, Affonsinho and Celso Fonseca featuring Jorge Drexler. This is the perfect soundtrack to your summer, your Sunday mornings or any situation that calls for a warm and positive atmosphere. Cappuccino Grand Café Vol. 7 is a collection of the best songs from the jazz/chill-out genre, handpicked by an expert in Mediterranean grooves.


The Cappuccino Cafés have been winning the hearts of the public for over 20 years, and they are now working on expanding to the Middle East, all the way to India and North Africa. The idea is to spread their philosophy and bring the concept of the calm and glamorous life of the Mediterranean island to their clients. As Juan Picornell, the founder of Cappuccino, says, Cappuccino isn't a restaurant or coffee shop, it's a Cappuccino.