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Mn' Jam Experiment - Live with a Boom
CD Album

Mn' Jam Experiment

Live with a Boom

339 Records

Released: 11th November 2016 | 10 track crossover jazz album

The word innovative and groundbreaking is dished out a lot these days but in this project the facts speak for themselves. Mn'JAM experiment have turntables doing it all from atonal sounds to melodies, rhythms or even harmonies; visuals synchronized in real time with the music; electronics in conjunction with electric and acoustic instruments; live looping and even quirkiness, just to name a few. It's like being immersed in a live art experiment where conceptual laws give way to superb executions.

If you zoom in on the music, the multi-medium integration also occurs. You'll find a mix between empirical and rationally constructed elements; between acoustic, electric and electronic instruments; urban rhythms and traditional melodies, vocal loops and guitar solos, turntables and acoustic drums.

This experiment breaks away from just being another project that uses poetic and metaphorical delights to describe what they do and is literally a new platform in jazz.

Melissa Oliveira – voice
JAM – visuals/turntables
Virxilio da Silva – el. guitar
Matt Adomeit – Bass
Tuur Moens – Drums