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Memory9 - Black Dragon
12" Vinyl
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Black Dragon

Mnemonic Dojo

Released: 24th September 2012 | 4 track beats & breaks single

Memory9, or Gadi Sassoon as he is legally known, recently came to the attention of beat enthusiasts for his popular remix of the first single by DJ Vadim's band The Electric. Black Dragon is a double single which marks the launch of Memory9's own label, Mnemonic Dojo, and it confirms that there's reason to be excited about the bassy, lush sounds of this Milan-based producer.

One Of These Days is a footwork-inspired number, driven by deep 808 kick patterns, cut up vocal samples surrounded by arpeggiated textures, frantic African percussion and the occasional granular blips. One Of These Days is a fast-paced, straight to the point dancefloor slayer designed to rattle rigs while providing the sonic detail that will keep the audiophiles interested.

Fractals and Blades, delivers a more chilled out 72 BPM woven with lush textures and melodies. Swelling vocal samples, tape recordings, synth lines and masterful sound design create a spacious, dreamy ambience set against the unqantised hi hats and sub-bass lines.

On the remix front, Bobby Tank brings his signature mutant boogie twist in his rework of One Of These Days while Valance Drakes twists and morphs Fractals And Blades with his granular bushido, sculpting the sounds of exploding qi over a raw kick-snare beat.

Black Dragon is availble in digital formats and as a limited edition 12'' picture disc (100 numbered copies) with silk screened clear sleeves.

"Shit is retardedly sick! Love"
DJ Vadim, none
"Memory9 coming through with some really solid production here."
Om Unit, none
"Big ting new sounds from memory9, heavy!"
Kidkanevil, none
"This is a killer, no filler."
Jon More (Coldcut), none
"Fractals and Blades is like custard for your headphones. Warm and soothing while filling and silky. Memory9 cooking up future beats like eggy treats!"
DJ Cheeba (Solid Steel), none
"Memory9, quite an enlightening experience in any standard. A prodigious bleep-freak."
Clash Music Magazine, none
"The sound you can imagine being played ten years into the future.", none