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Redivider - Lost in The


Lost in The

Mnemonic Dojo

Released: 25th March 2013 | 11 track downtempo album

Memory9's Mnemonic Dojo label introduces Redivider, a San Francisco based beatmaker legally known as Robert Willis Baker. An artist with an intriguing past spent between American jazz institutions and the underground electronic scenes of both coasts of the USA, he now spends his time recording sounds he finds around California, composing beats in his lab and coding music software.

His debut album, cryptically titled Lost in The, is an elaborate mosaic of lush synthesized textures and collages of mangled field recordings, pivoted on delicate swung beats. Dreamy harmonies are woven with clusters of permuted found sound, while head-nodding beats transport the listener from one hypnotic colour to the next in this unique 11 tracker.

While at a first listen one is tempted to categorise Redivider's music simply as beats, there is much more to it. This nuanced record speaks of the many influences of the introspective Bay Area musician: the echoes of West Coast music culture can clearly be heard, along with elements borrowed from the history of electronic music, jazz and hip-hop.

One for those who love detail and sonic poetry.

Mastered by Blackler in NYC. Artwork by Andren.