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Memory9 - The Abyss Within EP


The Abyss Within EP

Mnemonic Dojo

Released: 20th May 2013 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

Memory9, aka Italian born Gadi Sassoon, combines a virtuosic control of live electronics with organic musicianship to create truly intriguing music, influenced by the sounds of juke and jungle as well as cinematic soundtracks and modal jazz.

In the wake of the release of his critically acclaimed single 'Black Dragon' which sold out world-wide in 3 days, Memory9 is releasing 'The Abyss Within EP', backed up with remixes from Om Unit and H-SIK. The title track is a dark, bassy 90 bpm piece which pays tribute to the soundtracks of classic horror and sci-fi films. Originally conceived with the visuals in mind (the outstanding video is available on YouTube), this track uses countless foley sounds as compositional elements over the driving bass arrangement. Also on the EP is the song 'Escape the Ice' with gentle Rhodes melodies woven through a frenzied juke riddim, and percussive sounds made with a prepared piano and classic snare rollers reminiscent of old school jungle. The third original song, 'Two Bodies of Venus', is an exploration of modal harmony and melody, hypnotic synth lines, arpeggios and intricate 808 percussion rushes.

"This guy is fresh and raw as ###k! A prodigious bleep-freak"