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Danny Drive Thru - Psychedelia Smith

Danny Drive Thru

Psychedelia Smith

Mind On Fire

Released: 7th November 2011 | 3 track beats & breaks single
The name Danny Drive Thru may be one you have been hearing a lot more of recently and quite rightly so, with his music featuring on the Nihon Kizuna fundraiser compilation alongside the likes of Kode 9, Onra and Slugabed, as well as the recent Finest Ego collection of UK and Irish producers, which saw him in the company of such contemporaries in the beat scene as Flako, Kelpe, Om Unit and many more. He is topping off 2011 with this, his first solo release of original works, on the Mind On Fire imprint. Danny's beats have been gaining wider acclaim this year after his Virtua Rap single (Fat City) was picked up by such luminaries as Kutmah for his Stones Throw podcast and Thom Yorke, who not only featured the track in the Radiohead “Dead Air Space†chart but also in his set at the seminal Low End Theory in LA. The 7†is limited to just 300 copies and in keeping with the ethos of Mind On Fire, special attention was paid to the artwork and this time round the eye catching sleeve design was painted by graffiti and stencil artist Tank Petrol. “Danny Drive Thru brings us a waxed out 7†of PURE FIREDOM†- JAY SCARLETT “Heartily bumpy rumbles††MR. SCRUFF “Late night opium den vibes to the fullest†- KUTMAH