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Cumulonimbus - Precipitation EP


Precipitation EP

Morten Industries

Released: 18th June 2007 | 3 track downtempo single
'The next installment in the Ninja/Hombre series is this delightfully relaxed and deeply infectious twelve. But then again, cumulonimbus have been doing it for me for a while now! A vinyl platter equally suited to the minds or bodies wandering in dreams or on the dancefloor, it travels through the richly textured and melodic pastures of 'skunk' to the stripped down electro funk of 'portable', before closing with 'eire', where the two worlds meet. Quite an amazing array of sounds that are so pleasing to the ears, as well as the feet. Quality arrangement & production. More to come, i'm sure' Review by Pathmaan in DJ Mag. 'Tuff record, would love to program it, play it to the trees' Rocket Ron. 'I'm a huge fan of deep, moody electronica - this rules!! Skunk is brilliant' Freddy Fresh. 'I got and liked this....need to get engineering department to connect up record player so I can transfer it onto the computer...! This will be the first of vinyl I'll play......' Ben Eshmade ('Chiller Cabinet' Classic FM).