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The Phantom, Newborn Jr. & Seltron 400 - The Beginning Album Sampler
12" Vinyl

The Phantom, Newborn Jr. & Seltron 400

The Beginning Album Sampler

MOST Records

Released: 28th October 2016 | 2 track house single

MOST is a new label based in Warsaw, Poland, where the scene has been buzzing with fresh talents and crazy gigs over last few years. Alike in some other countries around Europe, also hip-hop scene in Poland grew strong over the years. At certain point an acclaimed hip-hop label and urban wear brand Prosto joined forces with a low-key imprint S1 Warsaw to make a new home for quaint narrations and music that deserves attention. In direct translation most means bridge but also stands for Music Of Stories Told.

The Beginning compilation brings together Polish dance/electronic producers like Eltron John, SLG, The Phantom aka ex-Ptaki, Klaves, Hatti Vatti and Matat Professionals among others. The tracks on this album sampler 12 are spontanious collabos between Eltron John & SLG as Seltron 400 and The Phantom & Newborn Jr. aka Matat Professionals (that has been recently followed by an EP on Rhythm Section as Earth Trax & Newborn Jr).

The artists were invited to transform a little house in the woods into a makeshift studio facility. As one might imagine, during their stay experience was shared, musical ideas were given life, synths were tweaked, cables lost, and a number of bad jokes told. And although some finishing touches were added later on, this album is essentially a collective effort and a unique reflection of the time and place.