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Richu M - Slowly and Surely Greatest Heats

Richu M

Slowly and Surely Greatest Heats

MOST Records

Released: 8th December 2017 | 16 track instrumental (east coast) album

Warsaw-based label MOST (translates to 'bridge' in Polish, which gives the meaning a little twist) launches a rather low-profile spin-off - MOST Blunted beat tape series. Reason? Country's contemporary electronic scene is deeply rooted in 90s hip-hop and graffiti movement and so is MOST's parent label Prosto - major urban brand shaping Eastern European scene for over 15 years. Don't be misled with nostalgic origins though.

Second chapter of cassette beat tape series MOST Blunted comes from Rotterdam-based producer and live performer Richu M who brought an acclaimed EP for LA's Young Adults earlier this year.

Slowly And Surely Greatest Heats is what u get when ever you thought what could happened with the instrumental parts of the 90's rap. This is also the way to fill the subjectively perceptible gap in the current beat music tendencies. SASGH is a kind of vision of the future of the past in the context of the present, related to Frank Ohara's poetry. Metaphorically, this is a B grade, sci-fi movie from the late 20th century, dealing with the everyday (favorite rapper's theme before they moved out of the blocks). The eclectic character of the beat tape is not only the selection of samples, but also the attempt to devote attention to a wide spectrum of sensations and situations. Appeal to Black culture is intertwined with the storytelling of the necessary minimum to revive the imagination and to create visual tales. The title is a celebration of constant expectation, which by its active form is not so pleasant as necessary to maintain a balance of life, but also highlights the compilation character of the mini album.

Produced in limited run of 100 yellow cassettes with artwork designed by Polish illustrator Michał Loba. Each item includes a free digital download code.