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Seltron 400 - Trans I Bas
12" Vinyl

Seltron 400

Trans I Bas

MOST Records

Released: 6th July 2018 | 4 track rave ep

The second part of the Seltron 400 trilogy on MOST, Trans i Bas, sees the group re-embark on their singular journey in search of the essence of the rave. Since the first EP in the series – Zabawa Trwa – came out last year, they have augmented their back-to-back dj sets with a full-on live show, which again fed back into their recording process.

The record's title cut, Trans i Bas (also available in an earth-shaking drum version) is as uplifting as it is spontaneous, complete with trance-infused pads and heavy, tripping bass. Jest Nadzieja brings a little swing and a mental breakdown, while Oo is all crunched riffs and one-finger-string-solo glory. Nuff said.