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Peter Rehberg - Fremkoerper
CD Album
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Peter Rehberg



Released: 3rd December 2007 | 8 track pop single
If the sounds emanating from this disc seem alien, do not be alarmed. Fremdkoerper, or alienated bodies, is culled from a series of compositions Peter Rehberg constructed in collaboration with choreographer Chris Haring for a soundtrack to a live dance performance. You can't see the dancers, but you're invited into their alien world where bodies are absent, leaving behind shadows of their sweeping gestures, gentle flourishes, and violent peregrination. The music on this record is the infrastructure of the human body; at times it is pleasant, at others, horrifying. Since Fremdkoerper was originally intended as a companion to the dance performance, it lacks the typical structure of his more conventional releases. Epic drones lead into dramatic scores. Moods change without warning. Glitchy textures give way into thick, heavy tones. The transition from the subterranean rumble of opening track Mutisil to the distorted raygun blast of Scream is enough to reset your heartbeat (in fact, you can consider this press release fair warning). The hulking sine-wave drone of 1407 is quickly invaded by hungry extraterrestrials on Bite Double. This is the record with which to test out your new stereo. Peter Rehberg (b. 1968) is an electronic audio artist living and working in Vienna, Austria. He has given live performances, both solo and collaborative, throughout North and South America, Europe, Japan and Australia. His resume of collaborators is as impressive as it is long, including luminaries such as Sonic Youth, AMM, Jim O'Rourke, Fennesz, Zbigniew Karkowski, Kevin Drumm, Florian Hecker, Pan Sonic, and Keith Rowe. Rehberg took part in the 2nd Göteborg Art Biennale (Against All Evens) curated by CM von Hausswolff. Fremdkoerper isn't Rehberg´s first work with dancers. He's collaborated with Tujiko Noriko for two projects, as DACM, and is currently working with Gisele Vienne and Dennis Cooper on two new pieces. [mosz 2005]