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Boris Hauf - Soft Left Onto Westland
CD Album
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Boris Hauf

Soft Left Onto Westland


Released: 3rd December 2007 | 9 track single
'Soft Left Onto Westland' [mosz008] is the label's 6th release. Like Martin Siewert, Boris Hauf - primarily introduced and known as an improv musician - produced a rather nontypical CD on Mosz which is actually 'sax-free' and only made of electronic sounds ranging from very subtle and minimal to kind of techno-like. Skilful and with great musicality Hauf mounted all these samples to a surprising result, meaning a groovy, funky and atmospheric album with some ambient parts in-between. 'Soft Left Onto Westland' is another kind of 'pop' release on Mosz which takes the listener to a relaxed state without being cheesy just one single second.