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Cornelia - Balun



Camp Mozart

Released: 15th June 2015 | 7 track electropop album

Cornelia: debut album 'Balun' (Synth-pop, experimental)

Released 15th June on Camp Mozart: digital + limited edition audio poster

On 15th June 2015 musical bright spark Cornelia releases her powerfully enchanting, intelligent pop-filled debut album 'Balun' on her DIY label Camp Mozart records. In addition to a standard digital release, 'Balun' is available as a limited edition audio poster, which marks the first step in a series of technological musical endeavours, brought to you by Cornelia in collaboration with Novalia. Cornelia's sweet, spectral vocals plus subtle flourishes of grime, bass, IDM, ambient and synth adorn eerily beautiful songs, which although pop savvy possess a level of gravitas and proper sonic depth.

Following a fruitful two years writing, recording and touring with the likes of Portico (Quartet), Dark Sky, Bonobo, Kwes and Scratcha DVA, 'Balun' marks the movement of Cornelia's full focus to the solo artist limelight.

With a strong Swedish identity, Cornelia presents Balun as a reflection of her acclimatisation to London and the UK. Exploring different recording techniques with a mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments, Cornelia's new sound mirrors how she as a foreigner relearns basic things like language, culture and conventions. Balun represents that stormy conversation between a balanced and unbalanced mindset with deep synthesiser sounds, percussive drums, intimate vocals and dynamic omnichord strums.

Together with Novalia, Cornelia has made a printed album poster, using technology enabled by integration of conductive ink, capacitive touch and conventional electronics to provide a musical experience in a new format, combining science, design and music; when touched the poster plays the songs of the album Balun through a built in speaker and includes buttons for volume up and down.

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these limited audio posters, visit or contact your local record store for more information.


1. How Far Pt. 1

2. Cruising

3. Birthright

4. Not In Love

5. Oh Well

6. Trust

7. How Far Pt. 2


"It's the sound of a multi-faceted artist properly finding her feet."
Joe Muggs, Boiler Room
"One of the most inventive and forward looking vocalists out there."
Jamie Woon, Artist
"Trust' is absolutely massive."
Tarynn Law, The 405
"Sikk trax! This voice is my don."
Scratcha DVA, Rinse FM
"Completely bewitching. Atmospheric synth-pop that incorporates an engaging voice that is like no other."
Niel Mach, Raw Ramp
"Creaking electronica and strange sound effects gurgle beneath off-kilter drums and gorgeous vocals."
Michael Cragg, The Guardian
"An artist as natural in the company of underground club producers as classical chamber choirs."
Arwa Haider, Metro
"Distinctive and enchanting."
Crack Magazine
Lucy Morris, Dazed Digital
"A gorgeous slice of left-of-centre-pop!"
Dom Servini, Echoes