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marc hype & jim dunlop - Stamp Out Reality
CD Album
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marc hype & jim dunlop

Stamp Out Reality

Melting Pot

Released: 22nd February 2010 | 12 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Two turntables and a funky piano! Step into the world of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop Stamp Out Reality is the musical manifesto of DJ Marc Hype and keyboarder Jim Dunloop. After years of rocking clubs and festivals worldwide with their unique live concept, the dynamic duo from Berlin is now ready to drop their first album. Stamp Out Reality offers a diverse mix of styles and moods that reflects perfectly where Marc, the pioneering hip-hop DJ, and Jim, the classical trained jazz pianist, are coming from and where they are heading to. Classic hip-hop joints with Mr. Lif and Mr. Complex are sitting right next to the madness of porn-funk godfather Blowfly and the latin-tingled future jazz of Malena Perez from NY. Marc and Jim pay hommage with cover versions of the b-boy classic The Mexican and the 80s electro smasher Al Naafiysh while keeping the breaks intact with floor-shakers like Wah-Wah-Wah.