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full crate & FS green - hi hat club vol.5 0 eggs and pancakes
Vinyl LP
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full crate & FS green

hi hat club vol.5 0 eggs and pancakes

Melting Pot

Released: 8th November 2010 | 14 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Volume 5 of the MPM producer series introduces two of Amsterdams most promising new producers: Full Crate and FS Green. Forget your favourite Amsterdam clichees, no hookers and stoners here, just pure musical heat. Crate and Green come with the most forward-thinking and progressive beats - or shall we better say music? - in the Hi-Hat Club so far. Eggs And Pancakes takes the best of both worlds - well chopped samples and so-called electronics - to express their vision of an instrumental hip-hop album in the year 2010. Each side features six solo-tracks and one kollabo track. Full Crate has studied classical piano and sound design. He has released the EP Conversations With Her with singer Mar earlier this year on MPM. FS Green has laced beats for a bulk of Dutch MCs and is working on various projects with international MCs too. Crate and Green are part of a new generations of Dutch DJ/producers alongside Hayzee or SirOJ who do their hip-hop free of genre boundaries and gettig inspied by everything from Dilla to Dubstep to House music. About the Hi-Hat Club: The Hi-Hat Club opened it's doors in May 2009. It is a joint adventure of MPM and photographer Robert Winter, dedicated to the beat generation of today. Each volume consits of a vinyl LP - limited to 1.000 copies - packaged with Rob's photos. Photo exhibitions at record stores and galleries and regular live shows and parties in Cologne and Berlin are also part of the project. Musically the Hi-Hat Club promotes total artistic freedom. We are not bound to any sound or school. A Hi-Hat Club record can be anything from boom-bap to aqua crunk or whatever is fresh and dope. So far we have released album by Hulk Hodn & Twit One aka Testiculo Y Uno (Cologne), Suff Dadyy (Berlin), Dexter (Regensburg), Brenk & Fid Mella (Vienna) and Full Crate & Mar (Amsterdam).