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Dexter - Ultimate Breaks & Dexter
7" Vinyl
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Ultimate Breaks & Dexter

Melting Pot

Released: 8th August 2011 | 3 track ep
Dexter is re-visting some super classic breaks and a certain Mayer. Originally made for the Beat Battle in Duisburg earlier this year that Dexter won. Due to popular demand we are now sharing some extended versions of his winning beats via a limited 7 single. What we're gonna do right here is go back ...way back, back into time. Back in the day when people had to go to the record store, to check out the latest jams. When producers would only sample from original pressings - no reissues, not bootlegs (let alone mp3s or You Tube). Many of these cats had been schooled by Breakbeat Lenny's infamous Ultimate Breaks & Beat comps. The series is like the the DNA of 80s and 90s rap and was followed by similar comps like Dusty Fingers and Strictly Breaks. With Ultimate Breaks & Dexter the Hi-Hat Club Producer (The Jazz Files) and part-time MC (Dexter & Maniac) is giving respect to the pioneering loop diggers and beat scientists in his very own way. This 3-track 7 single is no throwback boom-bap nostalgica, it's fresh for 2012 (you suckas!).