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Various Artists - Where The Wild Creatures Meet
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Various Artists

Where The Wild Creatures Meet

Melting Pot

Released: 27th August 2012 | 11 track alternative rap/hip-hop album

This is what MPM is about in 2012. Where The Wild Creatures Meet spotlights some of the main albums / projects that we are doing this year. Compiled by Oliver Olski von Felbert.

Dexter (Stuttgart) - Walk With Us
First taster from Dexter's long-awaited and yet untitled psych album. This is what he's doing when he's not lacing beats for Morlockk Dilemma, Casper or Cro.

Medline (Nantes) - People Make The World Go Round
Brand-new project from France. The vocal version will appear on the album People Make The World Go Round - a hommage to the jazz funk masters of the 1960s & 70s.

S3 (Kansas City & Vienna) - Rain
Miles Bonny and Brenk Sinatra are S3 (short for Supa Soul Sh*t). S3 are the future. Album coming September. You've been warned.

The Ruffcats (Berlin) - Breathe
Germany's hardest working soul & funk band. Ask Flo Mega. This cosmic groover is an outtake from their album The Essence Vol.1. Out now!

Aischa Traidia (Amsterdam) - My Bike
Holland got soul and Aischa is leading the pack. Produced by Sotu The Traveller. From her forthcoming album City Life.

Uhuru Peak (Los Angeles) - Early Bird
First official release from LA wunderkind Cameron Caceres. Gilles P premiered the track a while ago when Uhuru Peak was still called The Odyssey Quartet. EP in the making.

Suff Daddy (Sydney) - Giscar Sob feat. Flatpoket (Twit One & Lazy Jones)
Second single from the Suff Sells album featuring Twit One and Lazy Jones. Suff Daddy just moved from Berlin to Sydney.

Funkommunity (Aukland) - Pass It On
Kiwi Soul supergroup lead by Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser. Album coming July 20th. Funkommunity will spend the whole summer in Berlin and tour Europe.

BRZZVLL & Stijn (Antwerp) - New Fun
Our favourite Belgian fusion jazzers step into a different world with this cheeky 80ies jam featuring singer Stijn. Put on your red shoes.

TBRCK (Cologne) - Droptop
The producer formerly known as Tobrock shares a track from his forthcoming EP Get The Water.

HADE X GUTTA (Cologne) - Rollin'
Producer / keyboard wizzard / video maker Hade and Booty Call resident Gutta are sitting on chrome. 808 echt kölnisch bass!

Special interest info: The sub-title Where The Wild Creatures Meet is a quote from the Doors song Love Street. Twit One and Miles Bonny did a great cover version under the name The Ins (available on 7, catalouge number MPM 126) that was supposed to be on this comp too but didn't made it in on the album, because S3 delivered their first official song just in time.