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TBRCK - EP No. 1
12" Vinyl
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EP No. 1

Melting Pot

Released: 13th August 2012 | 6 track unusual ep

First Solo EP from the producer formely known as Tobrock. Don't expect the neo boom-bap sound that Cologne is associated with. TBRCK is doing his own thing. Artwork by Fella Vaughn. Photo by Hermes. Keys on one track by Hade. TBRCK first started as part of the UpMyAlley crew. He has released a 7 single on MPM (Forrest Bump) and was featurd on the A.U.D.D.A. comps Puzzles and Beat Power. He did the R.O.C.K.A.F.E.L.L.A. remix project together with Fella Vaugn and if you are lucky you can find a copy of his Pony bootleg mix on Discogs.