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Various Artists - 45 Kings (Limited Edition)
7" Vinyl
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Various Artists

45 Kings (Limited Edition)

Melting Pot

Released: 17th December 2012 | 10 track electro-funk album

The first official 10YRS MPM release is a limited edition 7 box set,

consisting of five out of print MPM classics and five brandnew tracks /

unreleased ish / remixes. Featuring DJ Day, Suff Daddy, Fleur Earth,

Miles Bonny, Dexter, A-ko, Twit One, Hulk Hodn, Breakout,

Funkommunity, TBRCK, Eric Lau and Hade. Compiled by Olski. Cover

Photo by Robert Winter. Artwork by Chicken George. Limited to 2.000


Record 1

A: DJ Day - Four Hills (D.Beebe) - Produced by DJ Day

First released in 2005 on the 12 Gone Bad (MPM 015).

B: Suff Daddy - Gnac (D.Borman) - Produced by Suff Daddy

First released in 2011 on the 7 Gnac (MPM 104).

Record 2

A: Fleur Earth - Ausdruck (F.Mounga, H.Hodn) - Produced by Hulk Hodn

First released in 2008 on the LP Skurreal (MPM 062).

B: Miles Bonny - Gil Scott Heron Lament (M.Bonny, F.Göppel) - Produced

by Dexter

Unreleased. Recorded in the week after Gil Scott Heron's untimely

passing on May 27th in 2011.

Record 3

A. A-ko - Soul 69 (N.Wiley) - Produced by A-ko

First released in 2004 on the 7 Soul 69 (MPM 012).

B: Twit One - Hornoxn (T.Purnell) - Produced by Twit One

Unreleased. 2012.

Record 4

A: Breakout - Planet Rock (Jazz) (A.Bambataa, A.Baker, R.Hütter, J.Robie)

Produced by Breakout

First released in 2006 on the 12 Planet Rock Remix (MPM 032).

B: Dexter - Moog Boy 4 Life (F.Göppel) - Produced by Dexter

Unreleased on vinyl. First available on the free download comp Rap

Ohne Lizenz Vol 2 (2012).

Record 5

A: Funkommunity - The Light (Eric Lau Remix) (I.Aesili, R.Frasier) -

Produced by Eric Lau

Unreleased on vinyl. Original version appears on the 2012 album

Chequered Thoughts (MPM 138).

B: TBRCK - Droptop (Hade Remix) (T.Jansen) - Produced by Hade

Unreleased on vinyl. Original version appears on the 2012 EP EP

#01 (MPM 141).