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J Fernandez - No Luck & Olympic Village EPs

J Fernandez

No Luck & Olympic Village EPs

Morning Ritual

Released: 29th October 2012 | 12 track lo-fi album

Morning Ritual is very pleased to announce the release of a double EP from Chicago based J Fernandez.

The EPs, No Luck and Olympic Village, originally released as long sold out cassettes via Chicago based tape labels Teen River and Pretty All Right will see a much-deserved full release this autumn. Recorded at Justin J Fernandez's apartment in the Humboldt Park Neighborhood of Chicago the collection of tracks see him playing almost every instrument heard on the record.

His songwriting recalls the delicate but decided instrumentation of bands like Broadcast or a lo-fi Grizzly Bear whilst Fernandez's layered self-harmonizing vocals could be filed neatly alongside Cass McCombs or Real Estate's Martin Courtney, whilst Fernandez himself credits his songwritinginspiration to friends' home recordings, black coffee, combo organs, tape delay, Richard Hell, Ray Manczarek, Terry Riley as well as the fore-mentioned Broadcast

Having yet to play these songs in public Fernandez is in the process of putting together a band to take the project live as well as to help record his studio debut to be released next year via Morning Ritual.

No Fear Of Pop
"a satisfying pop-document, balancing melody and songwriting with aesthetic. I want to highlight this quality, because it seems so rare."
"No Luck is a mellow, mournful track, highlighting the enigmatic Chicago-based bedroom artist J Fernandez' falsetto and culminating in a minimal sax solo."
"J Fernandez has never played his songs live in public. In fact, the only place that has seen him perform is the inside of his own apartment, in the Humboldt Park neighbourhood of Chicago. There’s nothing about this that doesn’t sound quaint, and that quaintness manifests itself in shy, blissful, self-contained melodies in his recordings. With a laid-back-show-tune-ish vibe reminiscent of the layered, harmonious vocals of Grizzly Bear, J Fernandez enchants and educates his listener, elevating his wistful voice beyond his bedroom walls with an insistent and exhaustive catalogue of shimmering, swooning percussion and brass."
"While you're awaiting the new Grizzly Bear album, give this guy a spin..."
Drowned In Sound, Editor's Weekend Listenin
"The “Fall in love” refrain in J Fernandez's Real Flowers is truly ominous, but creepy lyrics when buried inside a bedroom recording as beautifully constructed as this are needed to stop things getting too cozy. The analog synth coaxes the dark taint along further, off-key notes breaking the comforting, hazier bed this track rests upon. This is why I love Real Flowers—not everything has to exist in the land of twee and sparkly joy just because it’s not punk or noise. This song would be the perfect soundtrack to the closing scene of a slasher movie as the camera ever so slowly zooms out upon a tableau of a newly slain couple with real flowers scattered amongst their pallid, youthful limbs, blood trickling from their artfully placed stab wounds. Forever in love in death."
"This sounds great"
Jen Long, BBC Radio 1
"Chicago based J Fernandez makes perfect dream pop music with a nod to Beach House and Mount Eerie, Fernandez proves bedroom music can be more than just chillwave."
The 405
"This song has been hiding behind the curtains in my room, or under the bed skirt. I heard it once months ago, and the simple but heavy motion floored me. I tucked it away for safe keeping and it disappeared. Thankfully, despite the Chicago songwriter’s absolutely un-searchable name, it came out of hiding along with his other stunning work. Amazing recordings - required listening"