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Metropolitan Soul Museum - Ruff Trk 4
12" Vinyl

Metropolitan Soul Museum

Ruff Trk 4


Released: 18th September 2015 | 2 track deep house single

There isn't much around about Metropolitan Soul Museum...;..yet, dropping on the eponymous label's first release. The 2 sided vinyl only release features 'Ruff Trk 4' - a stomping and rolling club destroyer: a ruff (as the title suggests) disco inspired 4/4 beat, driven by a powerful and hypnotic bassline. On the B side Hivern Discs man 'Round' drops his own version of the original, mixing his outstanding talent for melodies with a Nu Disco analogue groove. After being featured on John Talabot's 2013 DJ Kicks, the producer is going from strength to strength and has delivered a killer re-interpretation of the original track.

"Cool Record"
Neville Watson, DBA
"The elegantly named and slightly mysterious sounding Metropolitan Soul Museum launch themselves into the frenetic world of Dance music with this first rate debut release. And any track that doesn't sound like a series of tried and tested clichés should in theory instantly should grab your attention. Consequently ‘Ruff Trk 4’ isn't that easy to categorize – good! Although for the purpose of this page it’s an amalgamation of cool, funky breaks plus gritty analogue styled basslines along with occasional soulful subtleties that can only really result in one reaction. Round, then adds his own 'Come Closer' version which roughs up the sequence of beats while retaining the essential elements of the original on this hot vinyl only release. 5 out of 5"
Greg Fenton, DMC Magazine
"Cool Tracks"
Fabrizio Mammarella, Slow Motion
"Will be playing this on NTS"
Tasker, Whities
"Premiered on site"
Arron Levitt, Stamp The Wax
"Premiere & podcast"
Joe Europe, Ransom Note
"great release man! the remix is real killer too:)"
Herzel, Hivern Discs
"The original is the one!"
Chicago Damn, MERC, Wolf Music
"MSM make their debut with demonstratively deep dubby delight as"
"Metropolitan Soul Museum embody the Fleeing from Pigeons spirit more than most: their music is great, there’s little in the way of information about them across the internet, and they have fewer than 100 likes or follows on Soundcloud or Facebook. There’s no doubt that they’re not coming to a BBC Radio One playlist to you anytime soon. As always though, it’s that first point that’s the most important: the music is great. Indeed, “great” is something of an understatement: Metropolitan Soul Museum’s debut single – the tantalising Ruff Trk 4 – is a House music masterpiece. It’s driven by a grooving bassline you can’t tire of, it takes on elements of disco, funk, and dub, then injects them into six minutes you could imagine yourself dancing to through the early hours of a Sunday morning. Their name fits so well with their sound. A museum is an archive that, through curation, becomes something greater and more interesting than the sum of its parts. The soul of House music lies in its Disco and Funk foundations and its history – that of Chicago DJs of the 80s playing Italo Disco and Funk – is crystal clear through this record. On Ruff Trk 4, Metropolitan Soul Museum don’t so much rehash the sounds of original House music rather than shake it up and catapult it into a contemporary setting. Put another way, it takes the sounds of a sweaty northern USA club and throws it into a coverted shipping container in south-east London. Ruff Trk 4 is self-released onto 12″ with a fantastic remix from Danish producer Round (usually found releasing through Barcelona’s Hivern Discs) on the flip. We can’t think of many better introductions we’ve had to an artist and can’t wait to hear what comes next."
Fleeing From Pidgeons, Fleeing From Pidgeons