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Baron Rétif & Concepción Perez - Navettes
CD Album
Vinyl LP

Baron Rétif & Concepción Perez


musique large

Released: 1st April 2016 | 9 track alternative rap/hip-hop album

Navettes' is the debut LP from Baron Retif & Concepción Perez (BR&CP). After releasing three records with Musique Large (home to Debruit, Laurent Garnier and Fulgeance) as well as with parisian label Heavenly Sweetness and assorted remixes and rap beats, they are back with Musique Large for their first full-length album.
Largely instrumental, the album also features guests Benjamin Glibert (Aquaserge) playing bass on Navette and ML disco club, COEFF spitting rhymes on Kamoulox & Napoleon Maddox singing on The Crave. BR&CP music sounds like Perrier sparkling water: never automatic, always elastic.

"Slowed down house, soft-funk: Baron Rétif & Concepcion Pérez timeshifts a new thrill to the musical instant."
Matthieu Conquet, France Culture
"It's like house music or funk, but on codeine, screwed 'n chopped by Houston producers. The oscillators core shifts between dub and hip-hop"
Radio Nova
"Call it future Hip Hop, call it Cosmic Dub, call it whatever you want. There is one thing certain: BR&CP make the most of minimal sounds, funky and soulful, your ears will thank you for blessing them with such beautiful sounds"
Fleamarket Funk
"Their music is composed of wavy, downtempo, analogue, live-played funk tracks"