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Guynamite - born in 82 ep
12" Vinyl
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born in 82 ep


Released: 13th July 2009 | 4 track ep
Guynamite is non other than Guy Benton the multi-talented songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and musician. After being introduced to the likes of Patrice Rushen and the golden era of boogie circa 1982, Guynamite started work on a boogie inspired EP. The EP title 'Born In '82' is a reference to the start date of the timeless music Guynamite has been influenced by for this EP and the nostalgia he feels for the year of his birth. On this, his third EP, Guynamite features the incredible vocals of Shea Soul who has become well known for her work with Phil Asher, MJ Cole and Mark de Clive Lowe. Shea cites 'Set Free' as one of her best tracks yet! The EP also features the debut vocals of 21 year old London vocalist Dee whose ability to deliver stunning vocals effortlessly makes 'Take My Dreams' a soulful spine-tingler. Dee is definitely one to watch for the future. The instrumentals Patrice; a tribute to Patrice Rushen, and Space Elevator; a 125 bpm euphoric boogie rush complete the EP to show off Guynamite's talent for original, sample free production. The vinyl will be 180 Gram vinyl and is the first Mukatsuku release to have a fully artwork sleeve.
"nice boogie woogie type vibes!"
mr scruff
" With the likes of Greg Wilson making a good living from delving back into the 80’s phat funk sound it was only a matter of time before an artist was going to lead the way with a new chapter in the story of hefty funk. You would be forgiven for thinking that you are listening to an old Locksmith, The Jammers, The Gap Band or Yarbrough & Peoples cut, Guynamite clearly pays homage to this as yet unvisited golden era of black music here. We’ve done the disco thing to death, perhaps this is the start of a new sound for the fresh behind the ears DJ set to discover. The era of nu funk is upon us and Guynamite is about to explode!"
dj magazine
"Trippin’ on 80’s Black music; funk, soul, jazz are all met on this classy EP that’s deliberately risk taking too. Down tempo BPM’s electro key pads and rustic synths inserts lead on ‘Take My Dreams sung by Dee, while the beats are prominent on instrumental ‘Patrice’ dedicated to keyboardist Patrice Rushen. Inputting new wave forms and bonus beats in double time ‘Space Elevator’ has plenty of funk with the gorgeously sung headliner ‘Set Me Free’ from Shea Soul sweetly housed u p ! 10 out of 10"
IDJ Magazine