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Various Artists - Clubbinhagen
CD Album
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Various Artists



Released: 27th October 2003 | 11 track album
CLUBBINHAGEN - SELECTED HIGHLIGHTS FROM COPENHAGEN NIGHTLIFE. Copenhagen 2003, a vibrant Scandinavian city, with all that that encompasses - such as clubbing culture. Copenhagen venues are frequently filled with a certain crowd; people who come here for the beats and the hedonistic vibe, and of course the idealists that are at the root of clubbing: the promoters, the organisers and the DJs. These are the people that CLUBBINHAGEN aim to pay tribute to. CLUBBINHAGEN is many things: a festival spanning a host of Copenhagen's finest clubs, four days, two venues and a special outdoor stage; a compilation album spanning several genres, but still with tight and focused flow; and last but not least it's a calling card. CLUBBINHAGEN paints a picture of Copenhagen nightlife, of a vibrant part of Danish music culture, and reflects our perception of the atmosphere in Copenhagen in general and CLUBBINHAGEN's home ground Nørrebro in particular. So grab your headphones and take a stroll with us. 'På Nørrebro? represents the club Vibezone. With its mixture of Soul, Latin, House and Breaks it has taken a firm grip on clubbers, and the track is indeed a fitting album starter. We stay in the organic and eclectic end of the scale with Malkin Zany's Driva' Man and B&B International's 'Decorated with Ornaments'. Although the tracks are fairly different, they both epitomize the mixture of Breakbeats, Hip Hop and Funk that homeBrew and Friends has gained success with under the slogan 'Great Style and Big Smiles' Big smiles were also in evidence when Copenhageners learnt to go clubbing on Wednesdays at Club Lust, which later changed its name to Voodoo Club. Slow Train, Los Chicharrons & Dynamoe are beautiful representatives of this piece of club history. Sundays have similarly been somewhat neglected, but Rub a Dub has addressed that. It is represented by Djosos Krost, who spread the club's good style with their mixture of Reggae, Dub and Jamaican vibes. EMO also gives us his own take on some of these genres with the track 'Fool's Race', which represents the club he himself is part of, namely Low Pressure. If you wish to apply a little more pressure, it could be done by adding a little Drama, which is a mash-up of Hip Hop, Disco, Electro and Rock, and 'Other Side of Town ' by Money Your Love shows that the club moves assuredly within Electro as well. As a counterbalance to all the drama, Ben Horn and the club Offline spread good vibes every Sunday when they nurse the Copenhageners' hangovers. And last but not least, the colourful club Influx represent a unique blend of Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rare Grooves, here in the form of the more one coloured Monochrome.'