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Dynamoe - Coming Home - ALBUM SAMPLER
Vinyl LP
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Released: 13th June 2005 | 8 track album
It all begins almost by coincidence in 1997 when, Giovanni Campagna and Dennis Lee meet to have a chat, being individually signed to the same label, Hypnotic, they both knew of each other works but never had the chance to meet in person. It doesn't take them long before the discovery of a common thread at the base of their ideas and to start laying down the foundations of what was to become Dynamoe. Belgian über-label R&S Records pays attention to the combined talents of Dennis Lee and Giovanni Campagna and releases the singles 'TV Dinner', and following their 2nd single 'TNT Bitch' and third single 'Hang On', R&S releases the album 'Jump Start' in 2001 under sub-label Apollo. The album was well acclaimed by the press and the music business. This doesn't affect the duo who heads straight back to the studio to start the recording of new material toward the creation of their second album Coming Home, a fearless journey in a world of warm resonances and cinematic ambience all wrapped up in slow groovy beats and soulful vocals. By 2003 Dynamoe ships a bunch of demos of their new material to various labels getting good feedback which leads to licensing deals on compilations, among them Scandinavian label Murena Records which recognize the great potential behind the duo and takes the matter a step further signing a record deal with Dynamoe.'