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The High Society Brother - The High Society Brothers
Vinyl LP
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The High Society Brother

The High Society Brothers


Released: 10th November 2014 | 8 track retro soul album

Have you ever driven through the night alone, borderline dreaming? All you can see in the darkness, are your own headlights illuminating some roadside shrubbery, with only bad karma left behind by someone hanging in the still air. Just before the sun starts its creep up behind the rim of this fantastic realm, that's when you'll hear The High Society Brothers grooving away at some stranded tavern by the road. They'll be entertaining a lonely prostitute and a group of former sawmill employees, who are too drunk to get up or applaud.

If all of this sounds odd and slightly romantic to you, Lover's Road by The High Society Brothers might be just the thing for you. These hard edged players from the underground of soul just accompanied the dark lord of New Orleans r&b Willie West on his new album Lost Soul and with this release Timmion brings forth the instrumental edition. So place it on your turntable and get ready to enter a world of raw and unrefined musical expression.