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Glenn Underground & Daisy Villa - Rize
12" Vinyl
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Glenn Underground & Daisy Villa



Released: 10th March 2008 | 2 track house single
For their sixth imperial House Music release, UK's Need2Soul Music presents the fresh & sultry sounds of Los Angeles lounge soul-stress, Daisy Villa (aka DAI), who's lush rhythmic essence gets the proverbial Midas Touch by Chicago's Very Own, Glenn Underground! On Rize, the marriage between GU's soulful acumen and Ms. Villa's traditional Latin-soul soundscape yields nothing short of dance floor majesty. A signature GU staple, Glenn Underground's main mix mix is a moody and slick journey into the deepest crevices of Chi-town. The resulting musical nugget, which is vintage GU, is as classy as Ms. Villa herself, who can be reached at Finally, Glenn's almost 10-minute CVO re-touch mix provides a more mysterious painting of Villa's original piece. Fans of Larry Heard, Chris Gray, USG, and Wamdue Kids will feel right back at home with this atmospheric and esoteric musical flight, which emanates pure Deep House aura. Absolutely stunning! Keeping it real on both ends, GU & Daisy Villa equals intelligent dance music not to be slept on!