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D-Pulse - More EP
12" Vinyl
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More EP


Released: 13th April 2009 | 4 track ep
We're not sure if there's been a whole lot of Russian vocal led synthy-disco around of late / ever, but we definitely like the idea of it. And so we have the first release on the brand new Tirk affiliated label Nang. D-Pulse's sound is a sonic cocktail that represents the different flavours of its ingredients. Great for dancing, as well as regular home listening, making love or preferably cooking. You can call it Russian House, full of spirit, soul and its own philosophy. Now on to the tunes. The Foto mix of 'More' combines cold robo-synth bass and stripped back rhythms with the haunting tale of love, loss and the ultimate fulitility of existence (probably). The original mix lives up to the 'live jam' side to the D Pulse manifesto with organic funk and jazzy chops leading the way. Fellow Russian Alcos Coolkas carries on where his new work on Tirk left off, with simple but sparkling and sophisticated electronics working away with snippets of the vocal to mesmerising effect. The package rounds off with the spacey, warm, instrumental 'Highway to Saturn'. Nang has launched!