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Acos Coolkas - Free Flight
12" Vinyl
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Acos Coolkas

Free Flight


Released: 7th December 2009 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep
We first came across Siberean duo Acos Coolkas last year. We were looking for a downtempo mood-setting intro piece for our TIRK02 album on sister label Tirk. Free Flight well and truly fit the bill. TIRK02 came out and did well but 40000 Tirk fans can't be wrong and Free Flight became one of best Tirk download sellers of 2009. Nang has now taken up the mantle for the obligatory remix package of one our favorite tunes this year. Reworks come from the Acos crew themselves who notch up the dancefloor quotient a few rungs with their own Synth-Touch mix. Their mix was inspired by the bleepy tones of the old Russian synth the Polyvoks. Bearfunk stalwart Max Essa turns in a couple of fine mixes taking his trademark slo-mo disco feel to the now famous bleepy Acos riff. We are not intentionally trying to start our own balkan-based geo sub genre of disco... but once again Slovenians Sare Havlicek and Ichisan end up on the same piece of Nang vinyl. Ichisan goes for slick pads and a loose swinging feel. For Sare its all about the sounds; here his up-tempo version mixes in numerous uber-sounds from his analog synth museum in with chingychangy funk guitar lines.