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Ichisan & Nakova - Pionir
12" Vinyl
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Ichisan & Nakova



Released: 31st May 2010 | 2 track leftfield/idm single
Ichisan and Nakova (aka Igor and Jure) hail from the fine country of Slovenia. Over the past few years the pair have steadily been carving out a name for their unique style of nu disco, called Yugo Disco. The Ichisan solo records have won praise from DJs and the public alike. The track Pionir first featured on the Nang sampler back in 2009. The track is named after Tito's Pioneers the red- kerchief donned, youth movement from the former Yugoslavia. The original brims with optimism and uplifting groove in equal measures. Things ending in a crescendo of shimmering disco guitar riffs. On the remix front Lusty Zanibar from Bearfunk turns in a stomper of a remix. He keeps things floor led but synths it up with layers of tooty synth and his trademark quirky keys. Of course not leaving out those guitar riffs in the closing 1/3 of the track. For the final remix things dart leftward for a remarkable take from Discodromo from the Prins Thomas / Full Pupp camp. This mix focuses on the riffs and sounds to create a great sonic-curveball for early sets. The album Yugo Tempo features Pionir and is out on (most appropriately) the 25th May (Tito's Birthday / Dan Mladosti / Youth Day).