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Christine, Pork Chop Express & Escape From New York - From John Carpenter
12" Vinyl
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Christine, Pork Chop Express & Escape From New York

From John Carpenter


Released: 22nd March 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
Amongst musicians, filmmaker John Carpenter receives admiration, respect and kudos like few others. Aside from the string of great films he has directed (Halloween, Escape From New York, Dark Star to name but a few) he is one of the few directors to compose and record the music for the films he makes. Back in late Summer 2009 we sent out an email to our producer pals asking if they wanted to submit cover versions for an upcoming Sci-Fi cover versions CD project the response was very pleasing. Of all the tracks through the door, John Carpenter covers were by far the most prevalent. The best of them made it to this vinyl release. Things open up with Architeqs take on the John Carpenter killer-car thriller theme 'Christine'. The Scotsman using moody analog synth pads, menacing effects and some fine drumming to maximum effect. Next up, Slovenian Sare Havlicek synths-up 'Pork Chop Express' one of the choice tracks from 1986s Big Trouble In Little China. Big pads, big riffs and big oscillators all the way. Belgian King DJ goes for the jugular-catchy lead line of 1981s 'Escape From New York'. The most Italian of producers we know; Bottin, also adds his Italo sheen to proceedings. The Sci-Fi Cover Version album 'To The Stars' is out in March 2010