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D-Pulse - On A Highway To Saturn
12" Vinyl
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On A Highway To Saturn


Released: 20th September 2010 | 4 track ep
It's been 18 months since our first Nang release, D-Pulse's More. Nestled on that release was an extra EP track called Highway To Saturn. Much to our delight it turned out to be a bit of a gem. When it featured on the TIRK 02 and Kitsune Ponystep / Jerry Bouthier compilations we knew we were all onto something. (Cue the overdrive and the interstellar vocal.) Slovenian-based, US singer, Hannah Mancini, provides those cosmic vocals, ably recorded by Sare Havlicek in sunny Ljubljan. After a sly re-titling of the track (to avoid confusion with the original the name has been extended to On A Highway To Saturn) it's on to the obligatory over-the-top Nang remix package...First up is a new version from D-Pulse for those long summer nights. Their Australian Shore Reversion mix slows down the groove to a balmy evening by Noosa shores pace. Space-rock, guitar solos, smouldering synths and lazy rhythms all combine to make this one for the beach house. Sare Havlicek adds a couple of mixes of his own. Keeping things hi-energy he goes for the disco jugular with his trademark stabby synths and tight production. Nang newcomers, Proper Heat, strip things back and go for a slow-grooving Baltic-disco chugger. Rounding off the remix package is Japanese based Jan Ken Po (aka Max Essa). He delivers a dance floor friendly version with a big and bold walking bass riff and tasteful synths.