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Various Artists - The New Masters: Bottin
CD Album
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Various Artists

The New Masters: Bottin


Released: 24th May 2010 | 18 track leftfield/idm album
The New Masters is a fresh series on Nang which features DJs who are at the cusp of breaking into the big leagues. To help them along their way we are aiming to be the label that helps them put together their first DJ compilation CD. What better candidate to start with than Venice based demi-god-in-waiting and all round nice fellow BOTTIN. From early releases on Italy's Irma, to the seminal Fondamente Nove on Belgium's Eskimo Recordings, to his anthemic and wolrdwide-supported 'No Static' on the Italians Do It Better label to his 'Horror Disco' concept album on Bearfunk, the skillful producer & DJ has been quickly building quite a name for himself and he dosn't seem to be slowing down. Bottin's DJ manifesto skyrocketed in 2009 seeing him in over 12 different countries in 2009 alone, including tours of US, Canada , Brazil, Ukraine and Turkey. A recent review described his dj sets as an unpredictable journey into space disco, Italo rarities, deep funk. A reckless blend of retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary electronica that always sets the dancefloor on fire. A narrative that would also apply to his studio productions. Trying to combine all these threads together was always going to be a challenge, but our man has probably pulled it off. His secret weapon? A Bottin remix or edit on every track, to weave the common fabric of the cd. Things open up with 'Electra Bregenz' from Austria's Kruder and Dorfmeister offspring Tosca. Bottin's mix taking the previously chilled out track and shifting the paradigm towards a heavy disco stomper, with a twist of dub and references to the early work of italo funk roots legend Tullio De Piscopo. Next up is Norway's first disco officer Lindstrom with 'Paaskelyd' with Bottin chopping the track in tiny slices and re-composing it in a new deeper form, with extra additions in the bass and synth department. Bottin's biggest hit to date No Static follows here in its Club mix version - previously available only on 12. Bottin was always one for the soundtrack influences and his mix of 'Fantasy' from the The Emergency mines deep from the Morricone/Sergio Leone spaghetti western cave, whilst 'Nightmoves' from Lost Valentinos is all Kano zapping synth and horror movie chic. Bottin's own 'Planeti' gives away his boyhood admiration of Queen and Flash Gordon. John Carpenter gets the nod with Bottin's dancefloor mix of King DJs 'Escape From New York'. And that's just for starters, the unreleased gems are also out in force, with remixes and edits of Wax Stag, Stevie Kotey, In Flagranti and Space to name but a few.