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Space - Deliverance
12" Vinyl
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Released: 12th July 2010 | 4 track ep
Deliverance is the title track and one of the highlights from the 2nd Space, 1978 album. It's been sampled, it's been covered, it's even one of Elton Johns favourites. However it hasn't been remixed... until now. The track is full of fine vocal performances. Jazz and session legend Madeline Bell takes the lead and truly delivers a spin-tingling belter of a lead vocal. The track also features what sounds like a Welsh male voice choir. However such is the genius of producer JP Illescuo its actually only two French backing singer chaps, multi-tracked to high heaven. Justus Kohncke is first up on the remix duty. He turns in two great versions. First the Wild Pitch remix takes inspiration from a certain Chicago house label and tons of growly underbelly synth to meld with Madelines soulful vocals for a sweaty floor prime time drop. His second mix is more vocal and full of walking bass and stabby synth. Quality from the German wunder prince of sound. For the other remixes things get very Italian. The Love Supreme fresh from a fine debut album on sister label Tirk turn in their Hard Disko mix which strips the song back and brings in the driving bass and guitar lines. Some trademark bleeps and Kraut vibe add some sonic authenticity. The Hands Of Love (Fabrizio Mamarella and folks from Love Supreme) then get bleepy with their acid and 303 spliced rework. The Best Of Space and Space Remixes albums are available now.