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Sare Havlicek - Toscana Nights
CD Album
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Sare Havlicek

Toscana Nights


Released: 5th July 2010 | 13 track pop album
Slovenian based Sare Havlicek is a bit of a hoarder. A hoarder of old synthesizers, drum machines and most of all 70's & early 80's euro/cosmic disco sounds. A trip around his luxurious studio is a bit like a day at the synthesizer museum. Throw in some liberal doses of Adriatic-disco & early 80's Shalamar Vs Shakatak vibe. Then add a sprinkling of magic fly and long, lazy, girl-on-arm coastlined days. Bake for a year or so and Toscana Nights - the album - pops right out. And so to the Music... the album's lead track Toscana Nights opens up proceedings with a killer lead line and Sare's trademark pulsating 1/8 note synth-bass groove. Studio 54 would have loved this track. Next up is the sunshine anthem Lazy Summer, dripping with kitsch, sweetening strings, cocktails and sunglasses in equal measures. Then its onto UFO's Are Real... or are they? Ask the Media... The album features the catchy vocals and snappy lyrics from US Import, Hannah Mancini. You can hear her add her slinky sheen to the vocal tracks Dreams In Light , In Out and Pleasure Storm (which also features a Lipps Inc 'Funky Town' styled string section... Sare must have been in the same studio session via his Time Machine). Tracks such as Dancing In Val D'Isere 1979, Attack of the Vowels and Song mine deep into Sare's analog synthesizer collection. If you want to hear 70s oscillators doing there thing, then this is the place for you. No samples or loops are aloud past the door here boss. The artwork for the album is co-created with fellow Slovenian and Yugo-Disco General Ichisan. Its surprising what a collection of objects from Sare's youth & consciousness and a day in a studio with a highly respected professional photographer can result in. Some of the finest artwork that has passed out the doors of our young label called Nang.
"Been rinsing Dreams In Light so very excited by this release!"
Russell Deeks - IDJ
"Great tracks. Will definitely be playing some of these out. White Russian is a favourite."
Tom Findlay Groove Armada
"Great great album. Support."
Serge Santiago
"This is a brilliant album. Love it."
Damon Martin - Disco BB